Battle Cry

I was in 2 minds about whether to purchase this game. As a long standing wargamer and Civil War buff, I was concerned about the lack of historical detail. Trouble is, the more historicity, the more complex and the more complex, the more downtime and longer it takes to actually achieve something. The trouble with complex military simulations is that although very interesting, you tend not to “play” and are more likely to “work” at the game system. I’ve reached the point now where my snobbery about historicity is giving way to the enjoyment that comes from playing simple games and Battle Cry is just such an example of this. IT IS FUN!

This game provides you with a modular system where you can create different forces and terrain settings to recreate a simple version of a number of Civil War Battles. The battles are managed through a card driven system which allows you choices as to how and where to make your movements and attacks. Yes there is a fair amount of luck but in war, luck has a fair amount to play anyway so I don’t have a problem with this. It also increases replay value.

The components are top notch including a mounted game board, and Union and Confederate soldiers, cavalry, artillery and generals which compares very favourably with the more recent evolutions of Richard Borg’s Command & Colours system which provides wooden blocks and stickers to put on them. Give me toy soldiers any day of the week!

All in all, this is an awesome game. Apparently there is a reprint in the works as for now ebay is the only way to find this one at a reasonable price.

Designed by Richard Borg,  published by Hasbro/Avalon Hill OUT OF PRINT


2 thoughts on “Battle Cry”

  1. This game is based on the Commands and Colours system which has been used in the following games.

    Battlelore : Fantasy setting with a leadership council that gives you magic and special ability’s that can influence the game, plus the giant spider is awesome.

    Memoir’44 : World War 2 setting which is also brilliant.

    If you would like to try Battle Cry but you cant get hold of a copy, both of the above games are great fun to play and are still currently in production. Battlelore is having some issues but Fantasy Flight Games hope to get it in the shops soon.


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