Enter the world of Greek mythology as you compete with your fellow players using your ships and armies  to conquer territories and establish buildings and cities. Trouble is, there are all kinds of obstacles. Of course the enemy forces aren’t going to let you get away with your plans for domination without a fight. But there are all kinds of mythological creatures that you can bend to your will and use against the other players.

This is a very nicely produced game, down to individually stylised troops and ships which are very nice although a bit flimsy and fragile. The game system works pretty well with very little down time once you get your head around the rules. Just enough complexity with getting bogged down in process rather than fun. Nicely balanced, this one is open to anyone to win. Looking to play this one again!

Designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, produced by Asmodee.

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