A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden

Currently top of my favourites this is simply an awesome game. Of course I would say that as a life long wargamer but that’s tough!

Part of the Flames of War miniatures family, this is the answer to my dream of a simple aystem, great components and a real sense of the tension faced by both sides. The Allies need to capture the bridges and keep the supply flow along Hell’s Highway while the Germans need to try and cut the highway and slow down the Allied advance.  Lots of tension for both sides with nice mechanics although the rules could be a little clearer. Nice minis, map and overall presentation. You will love it if you are a fan of Axis and Allies which it surpasses. Time again to don the Red Beret of the British 1st Airborne or join the Band of Brothers of the 101st Screaming Eagles or All American 82nd airborne.

Now where is my dvd of A Bridge Too Far???

Designed by Ken Camel and Phil Yates, Published by Battlefront Miniatures



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