Like westerns? See yourself as a mysterious Clint Eastwood type? Then look no further than a fun card game called BANG! Set in the wild west, spaghetti western style, each player takes on a role such as sheriff, deputy, outlaw or renegade  and a person along with a unique special ability and life points. The rest of the cards provide special weapoms for shooting at greater distances, Bang! cards for shooting, Miss cards, Beer cards for restoring life points, Duel cards, Jail cards and more. The object is to shoot the other players and come out on top before they do. Having said that, you can team up with the other goodies or baddies and when as a team. Or if you are the renegade, you are on your own and need to blast everyone to win. What is particularly cool is that you can bluff your opponents and side with them temporarilly and then zap them later if you can fox them enough. All in all, it makes for a fun experience.

If you like BANG!, here are some of the further expansions to add to the fun (a number of which are obvious tilts of the stetson to Hollywood westerns) –

Bang! A fist full of cards

Bang! High Noon

Bang! Dodge City

Designed by Emiliano Sciarra and published by Abacus

One thought on “BANG!”

  1. Got to say that my favourite card has to be the dynamite.

    When that little beauty is lit and is going around and around the group it brings a smile to my face, mainly because I’m a evil bugger.

    Everyone winces when they have to draw the top card to see if it explodes.


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