Forbidden Island

Hot off the press, I was particularly looking forward to this new cooperative game by Matt Leacock of Pandemic fame (one of my favorites). I really like the growth in cooperative games which adds another dimension to the social aspect of board gaming. This is another step and geared towards families.

Forbidden Island has the players as adventurers on an island and they need to collect 4 treasures whilst the island is sinking. The players each have a special ability which can hel to stave off the island sinking before they can collect the artiacts and escape via helicopter so the players need to talk to each other to make the best decisions to help the group.

Simpler than Pandemic, this is a very easy game to learn and teach others so ideal for families. The components and artwork are nice although the cards are slightly too thin but otherwise a first rate game. Loads of replay value due to the island setup being different each time you play. At 30 minutes once you are familiar with the rules, and at an affordable price, this game is a winner.

Produced by Gamewright.


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