Days of Steam

I picked up a copy of Days of Steam at last week’s UK Games Expo 2010. This is a very nice tile laying train game where players build routes between cities, completing circuits and shipping goods to capture victory points. Players need to build up steam to travel as terrain over which tracks are laid can impact how far you can travel in a turn.

This is a simple little game, great for families, which plays fast, is pretty easy to understand and is plain fun. Compared to the Age of Steam brain burners which I won’t even go near for fear my head would explode, this game is just right and let’s you play rather than work at it. This is a good gateway game to the world of train games. High replay value as no 2 games will be the same due to the variety of train layouts which randomly are chosen by the players.

Published by Stratamax games and re-published by Valley Games, designed by Aaron Lauster.

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