UK Games Expo 2010, June 4-6

On June 5th, I attended UK Games Expo 2010 in Birmingham and had a great time.

It was really good to see plenty of people there including families who came for a great day out. The organisers did a great job putting it all together and there was plenty of choice in gaming from Board games, Table-top miniatures, Role-playing and computer games. Costumed characters from Star Wars and Doctor Who added another element to the festivities.

There were competitions, demonstration games and new launches and the halls were buzzing throughout the day.

Of special note were –

Ragnar Brothers – Launch of  their “Workshop of the world” boardgame

Coiled Sprong Games’s introduction of Matt Leacock’s Forbidden Island game, published by Gamewright

JKLM’s demoing the almost finished Great Fire of London Game by Richard Denning

Treefrog demoing Gettysburg and Age of Industry by Martin Wallace

Games for the world with their timely World Cup 2010 Card Game

all this plus a lot more including talks by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingston of Fighting Fantasy books and Games  Workshop fame as well as a great Bring & Buy stand with some real bargains!

Game Conventions are an excellent opportunity to try new games and get a sense of where the hobby is heading. Very small by comparison to Essen, I hope that we can all find new ways to promote our brilliant hobby so that the future UK cons will be held at larger venues for more people to come and have a great day out.


3 thoughts on “UK Games Expo 2010, June 4-6”

  1. I was obviously too engrossed in playing Forbidden Island that I didn’t notice you snapping a photo of us. The Expo was good fun as usual, although this year I resisted buying more than just a couple of games. Oh, and just so you know, we just managed to escape the island with all four treasures before it sank – we were only playing on novice level though.


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