Red November

Red November is a cooperative boardgame published by Fantasy Flight and designed by Bruno Faidutti and Jef Gontier for up to 8 players. As a Gnome sailor, you are on the submarine Red November which was probably built in the shoddy Gnomish way and lo and behold all kinds of stuff is going wrong… fires, flooding compartments, threat of missile launch, you name it. You all run around collecting tools to try and stop all the problems before time runs out and the whole thing goes up in a wonderful explosion. On top of this you and your mates are downing the ol grog to cope and the chance of your survival sink as you faint and risk being caugt in a fire or flood. Very chaotic and stressful as during each turn, your activities cost precious minutes which is good and bad. Good in that if you can get through the time and manage to hold on by stopping the dangerous problems, you all win. If not, Bang! Or perhaps you will escape beforehand, hoping to avoid a Kraken and leave your mates to their fate.

Lots of tension and choices. The random elements work treat. Having played it a few times solo, I’m not convinced 8 players will work. 3-4 would be my suggestion as there just isn’t a lot of space to move and you could get trapped and knocked out of the game early.

Love this game!


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