Charles Roberts Awards 2009

The Charles S. Roberts Awards are presented annually for excellence in the historical wargaming hobby.

The voting ballot is now available for the annual Charles Roberts Awards.

Categories include:

Best Ancient to Napoleonic Era Board Wargame

Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame

Best World War 2 Era Board Wargame

Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame

Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame

Best 20th Century Era – Modern Computer Wargame

Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame

Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Computer Wargame

Best Magazine Game

Best Desktop Published (DTP) / Print-and-Play Game

Best Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Game

Best Board Game Graphics

Best Computer Game Graphics

Best Professional Game Magazine

Best Amateur Game Magazine

Best Historical/Scenario Article

Best Game Review or Analysis Article

James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME

Call me crazy but it seems excessive to me. Wait until you see how many nominees there are to choose from. Good grief!

Castle Merchants

This is a fun game for 2-4 players who are merchants trying to sell their goods at different castles for the best price. Tiles representing various types of terrain are laid out as the players try to create paths to the castles. The strategy comes in as you work out your own routes and try and block the other players using rock slides and tiles that hopefully don’t match what is in your opponent’s hand. Easy to play and good fun.

Designed by Jerry Dziuba and published by Z-Man Games.

Lost Cities

This is a game I bought on ebay recently and I am really glad I did. A very simple card games where you put together coloured sets of treasures and artifacts in numeric order to score points. The theme is thin but it doesn’t matter. The gameplay is fast and simple and throw in the placement of Investment cards as multipliers is cool. Wonderful 2-player game designed by Reiner Knizia and published by Rio Grande games.

Caught my attention on

Nominees for the 2010 Gra Roku

Yes, boardgames are becoming more popular in Poland and here are the nominees for Poland’s Game of the Year…

Carcassonne Coming to the iPhone

I can’t wait for this one as I love Carcassone which is one of the most popular Euro Games yet published.

SmallworldComing to the iPhone

For all you Smallworld fanatics…

Blue vs. Gray

As a Civil War buff, I was looking forward to playing this one which I picked up on ebay. Although you use cards, it plays more like a boardgame in which you play out the American Civil War. Cards represent leaders, military units and historical event, people, etc which may have some sort of impact on your strategy. You also use cards to gradually build the map of the USA over which the war was fought so you can use  the transport network to move your armies. The cards are great value alone as there is a lot of history and interesting facts which really give you a sense of the period. However, the rules are badly written so I am working my way through it. Once you figure it out it seems to play reasonably well.

Designed by Evan Jones and published by QED games, later by GMT.

Ave Caesar

I’m not a fan of racing in general but now Chariot Racing in ancient Rome, that’s something that sounds cool. And a cool game of Ave Caesar hit the table thyis past week with the gang and it was great fun.

Using numbered cards from a shuffled deck,  we moved our chariots around the track trying to take the least amout of spaces and optimize speed. Play your cards right and you can block opponents at bottlenecks and which really raised the tension or frustration. As we raced around the track for three laps, we had to make sure we stopped to pay tribute and shout ‘Hail Caesar’ before crossing the finish line. A good race and waddya know, I led from start to finish! Comments from our group felt that the tracks weren’t as good as in an earlier published edition.

A light, fun racing game designed by Wolfgang Reidesser and re-published by Asmodee Editions.

Ca$h ‘n Gun$ – Yakuzas

Another games night, more boardgame goodness.

Played another game of Ca$h ‘n Gun$ and had a real “blast”! This time we played with the “Yakuzas” expansion which included rules for new weapons (Tantos, Shuriken & Shotgun) and new cards with special powers that are great fun. 6 of us payed in 3 teams of 2 and Alan and I won on the very last round and my very last bullet which took Tony out of the game. Lots of fun when you decide who you you poit your weapon at and surprise everyone with your special power. That and with flying Shurikens, what’s not to like?.

I highly recommend this wonderful game designed by Ludovic  Maublanc and published by Repos Production.