Game night at Mike’s and we played Smallworld. I was clearly winning for a while but the last couple of turns I didn’t really get anywhere despite having traveling gypsies. Oh well. This is an area control game and it works on that level very well. I like the game and enjoyed playing it as the simplicity and constant change is fun. The tribes and powers are amusing .

I do wonder if this game works better with an odd number of players and probably 5 which doesn’t allow anyone to avoid getting hammered as happened in the 4- player game I played.

Junkyard Racers

Mike and I played a 2-player version of this game recently. In Junkyard Racers, you race against the other players, collecting  add-ons for your car which impact speed, ability to traverse different terrain and add weaponry and gadgets to attack and defend. Oh yeah, you can collect traps and set them out to try and damage your opponents.You win by collecting bottles of cola for laps of the track.

On the positive side, you have a heady mix of Wacky Races, Mad Max or Death Race 2000 and WH 40K Gorkamorka so the theme works nicely and is fun. The track is great and some of the car add-ons, traps, etc are cool. Great tension level.

On the negative side, some of the add-ons and traps are a yawn. The 4 car models are ok but they appear to have been painted by hand – BADLY… The rules are ambiguous in some cases so you need to work through them. The 4-bottle 2-player game is too long and I can imagine it is even longer with more players. I’m sure with many plays it gets faster but this game cries out to become a short and sweet filler. Limit it to 2 bottles each I say! Lastly, There should have been a second track on the flip side of the board instead of artwork.