Return of the Heroes

We had a great time playing this fun game published by Pegasus Spiele and designed by Lutz Stepponat. The players take on the role of a character in a fantasy setting. Typical stuff from fantasy games, fighter, dwarf, wizard, cleric… you know the drill. The players then run around collecting artifacts, useful items, weapons, and encountering badies of all sorts. They have to complete missions too which gives a sense of theme and purpose.  Then after they have built up enough strength and powers, off they go to take on the Big Baddie.

A fairly light game but the rules need a little work and getting used to and I highly recommend that it is best played in a silly mood where you use olde worlde language… We went into Monty Python & the Holy Grail one liners and it was hilarious. So a serious game, no. But loads of fun with the right crowd. Loads of replay value due to the random draw of encounter tiles and random board setup that you can use as an option.


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