Middle Earth Quest

Yes I’m a Tolkien fan so already the expectations were high and thankfully at first pass, this game is AWESOME. The theme is wonderfully done and the mechanics are easily understood. Having this and War of the Ring is just so cool! Looking forward to more plays… SOON! Absolutely hits the Tolkien sweet spot. 🙂

Players take on the roles of heroes or as the Dark Lord Sauron in the time between Bilbo Baggins’ adventure at the Lonely Mountain (see The Hobbit) and when Frodo becomes the ringbearer (see The Fellowship of the Ring). First rate production quality by Fantasy Flight, excellent design by Christian Petersen, Corey Konieczka and Tim Uren makes for a Middle Earth EXPERIENCE, not just a game!

The heroes spend their time on quests and trying to collect favour and training from key Middle Earth characters such as Gandalf, Aragorn, etc. Meanwhile the Dark Lord’s influence continues to spread across Middle Earth and present threats and conflict for the characters.

I have only scraped the surface of this bad boy and can’t wait to play again. In the photos below, I used my LOTR Combat Hex figures to make it all look even cooler than it already does! I am in Lord of the Rings Heaven!!!!


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