Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Casual Game Insider – Tabletop Gaming Magazine (5th Year)


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Casual Game Insider – Tabletop Gaming Magazine (5th Year)

American friends! Another year means its time for another Kickstarter for Casual Game Insider Magazine. 

From the project –

There’s nothing better than gathering around a table to play a great game. But when you’re not gaming, the next best thing is reading about the games you love and the community that surrounds them.

If you love gaming, dive into Casual Game Insider to find out all that we have to offer. We specialise in light, fun reading that is *almost* as good as the games you love to play. From reviews and interviews to trade show coverage and game design tips, you’re sure to find interesting and informative content in every quarterly issue. Plus, our professional design and photography will give you plenty of eye candy to catch the attention of your friends — perfect for drawing them into gaming!

Casual Game Insider now reaches 2,100 game stores, hundreds of Barnes & Noble stores, and several digital newsstands. With your help, we’ll be able to expand our reach into hundreds of Books-A-Million stores to spread the love of gaming even further!

Boardgames in Blighty News – 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad to take place in London this August

Olympiad 1

Boardgames in Blighty News – 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad to take place in London this August

For those of you who are competitive gamers, you time has come! Check out this press release about the 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad – a week of non-stop competition playing classic games and some very familiar games for board gamers. Here is your chance to become a World Champion! Errr… Diving Chess???

For the final week of August, Sunday 21st – Monday 29th, hundreds of board game enthusiasts will descend upon NW3 in London to take part in the 20th Annual Mind Sports Olympiad. Over the course of the week over 12 World Champions will be crowned and a host of other winners will get to add the title of Mind Sports Champion to their accolades.

The championship kicks off with a splash on August 14th with the Diving Chess World Championship at the Third Space Gym in Soho, London. Diving Chess is similar to normal chess with the exception that it is played in a swimming pool using a submerged chessboard. Each player can only plan their next move for the length that they can hold their breath. Once you’ve made a move and come up for air, your opponent must dive and stay under until they’ve decided their move, and then it’s your turn to dive again…

olympiad 2

The tournament features a range of games that test your mental agility, from familiar games such as chess and Monopoly to the cult classics of Settlers of Catan and Oware. There really is something for everyone and every level. The Championships even has a Learn to Play space where parents can bring their children to introduce them to new games. Other games include Poker, Chinese Chess, Shogi, Dominion, Cribbage, Scrabble, Bridge, Backgammon, Carcassonne, Agricola and even a Tetris competition (in battle mode on a Nintendo). Additional highlights include a Sudoku competition, the Eurogames World Championship, the Memory World Cup, and a lecture on how games can improve decision making in real life.


The Olympiad’s popular Creative Thinking World Championship is returning again with new mind-bending questions and will be hosted by former British Chess Champion, William Hartston.

We would be delighted to welcome UK Gaming Media to cover the event and we can set up an interview with the chairman of the MSO, Etan Ilfeld, before and during the Championship.

For more information visit the website: or contact Vicky Hartley on or 07463 751771.

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Hat-Trick – card-driven football (soccer) sim for 2 players

Hat Trick 1

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Hat-Trick – card-driven football (soccer) sim for 2 players

Do you like football (soccer)? Are you caught up in the drama of Euro 2016? Are you despairing because your team has been knocked out and need a diversion?

Well, look no further!

Hat-Trick – card-driven football (soccer) sim for 2 players is on Kickstarter. This project offers an expansion for those who already own the game  or if you are new to Hat-Trick, there is a pledge level for the base game and the new expansion!

Hat Trick 7 Hat Trick 8

From the project…

Hat-Trick is a  strategy board game for football lovers. Use 44 player skills to recreate any team in the world or manage 1 of the 24 in-game teams. It is a card-driven simulation that convincingly  recreates a 90-minute football match. All match events like passes, dribbling, fouls, penalties, free kicks, etc.,  are there, building a unique narrative each time you play.

The Player’s expansion takes this concept even further, with 22 player types and 44 skills to customise your team any way you see fit. Use different team budgets to sign players and see them in action.

Hat Trick 5

I have to say as a footy fan that I would be interested in this one if I had the spare cash.

You can find the Hat-Trick Kickstarter project here.  

You may also want to check out the Hat-Trick website here

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Game of Blame is live!

GofB 1

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Game of Blame is live!

I do like “take that” type games so let me bring to your attention Game of Blame by Richard Wolfrik, published by WarmAcre.

Game of Blame is described as a game about shirking your duty and as a cunning, confrontational card game for aspiring Tudors, Borgias and Lannisters. Charming eh?

This looks like a mean filler game which could indeed be good fun for those who enjoy “sticking it” to their friends. The theme appears to be fun and the art looks nice.

The price is certainly nice and the postage is EU, US, Canada and Aussie friendly which is always a plus.

If you think that “take that” games are fun,  check out Game of Blame here.

GofB 2

From the project –

The Queen is in a bad mood because the Realm is a total mess. Someone is going to pay – just make sure it isn’t you!

In this fast-paced card game for 2 to 4 players you raise the issues that will earn the Queen’s displeasure, then blame your friends. Cold-blooded betrayal has never been so much fun!

GofB 3

GofB 4

Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Glori Eternia is relaunched and what a bargain!


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Glori Eternia is relaunched at a nice price!

Glori Eternia is an interesting little number for you Kickstarter fans. UK publisher British Briefs are looking to get their game funded. Do you like cheebie art? check it out. And these are clearly crazed and violent cheebies which to me is hilarious.Reading the preview comments, there seems to be more here than meets the eye. They are already almost at the 50% funded mark after less than 24 hours.

And at £8 (still a few earlybirds left) or £10 and EU friendly? A nice price!


From the project page…

From every land mighty warriors come to Glori Eternia in order to prove their might on the battlefields. This clash of cultures, might and egos will lead to plenty of underhanded tactics in combat, as warriors collide not only with the enemy but with each other as well.

In the sea of battle, the glory seeking champions will find treasures, battle fearsome foes and even suffer blows that would defeat any mere mortal. But these warriors have no time for failure, for they fight for Glori Eternia!


Glori Eternia is a fast paced card game for 2 to 4 players, in which players compete to be the first to defeat one-hundred foes on the field of battle. The game takes 15-30 minutes to play. Around 7-8 minutes per player.

Check the Glori Eternia project here!




Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Greenfeet Games launches The Pirate Republic on Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Greenfeet Games launches The Pirate Republic on Kickstarter

Ahoy there! A pirate game based on historical pirates? Aye matey, that’s the ticket! 

I have to say that it is nice to see a pirate game based on the real historical deal. And, it is set at a gateway level so should be a good one for families as well. Its EU friendly for my Brit friends and the price seems pretty fair for what you get. So don’t waste any more time ye lubbers, check out The Pirate Republic HERE!

Press release from Greenfeet Games…

Set Sail With Us On The Spanish Main

United States Special Operations Veteran, Tom Butler, was double dog dared by his children to make his own board game. He comes to Kickstarter to seek funding, and just as important, fulfil his kid’s dare in his new game, The Pirate Republic. Game lovers seeking a cartography engineered game board, Pirates from the historical time period, high seas combat, deck building, dice rolling, and wily saboteurs, will feel right at home in The Pirate Republic.

The Pirate Republic will launch on Kickstarter with the full art and design complete for the base game. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $55 shipping not included for gamers in the US, Canada, and the European Union, as well as Asia and Australia. The game comes with a money-back guarantee to all Kickstarter backers.

About the game:

It is 1713. After a decade of war, a rare peace comes to the Spanish Main but peace has its consequences. With thousands of demobilized sailors, piracy explodes in the West Indies. A small group of pirates (Black Sam, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, & Blackbeard) form themselves into a Flying Gang. They desire fame and fortune and self-governance by building their own republic free from the constraints of kings, queens, and imperialism. Who will prevail? This loose band of outcasts or the European colonial powers?


The Pirate Republic is a semi-cooperative, thematic ad­venture where the sea is your territory, anyone on or near it, your prey. Each player represents an infamous pirate captain working to complete collab­orative and secret mission objectives over four rounds of play to bring an end to European imperialism.

A game of The Pirate Republic has captains working together to explore the New World, engage in sea and land combat, plunder Spanish treasure fleets, and conquer heavily defended colonial territories.

Are you ready to forge the Pirate Republic? Transport yourself to a time of conquest & the lure of riches, indomitable spirit & fat treasure galleons, pirate utopias and watery graves.

Number of players: 2-4 (adding a solo variant, miniature ships, & 5th player are some of the many Kickstarter stretch goals)


Time required: 60 – 115 min

Recommended ages: 14+

Green Feet Games website:

Board Game Geek:




Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Victory Point Games RE-launches Darkest Night 2nd Ed. on Kickstarter


Boardgames in Blighty Kickstarter News – Victory Point Games RE-launches Darkest Night 2nd Ed. on Kickstarter

Great news! Victory Point Games are publishing a 2nd edition of their awesome game, Darkest Night. Its live on Kickstarter here!

A great shadow has fallen over the kingdom as the undead continue to multiply under the control of a dread Necromancer. The king’s army is broken, the lands overrun, and now the Castle has fallen. The last of the kingdom’s heroes have taken refuge in the hallowed ground of the Monastery, where the Necromancer and his dead dare not tread… yet. As he tightens his grip on the land and builds his power for a final assault, a few brave souls seek a way to fight back….Its an EU friendly project, YAY!




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