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So I asked my Twitter friends which game would they prefer to be stranded with on an Island if they could only have one…

My choice would be Space Hulk as it scales from solo play, has variety and potential for loads of diverse scenarios

@Geekinsight said -I think I’d go with Sentinels of the Multiverse. Co-op and extremely replayable.

@benny275 said - Le Havre

@dicehateme said -Originally,@monkey238 and I came up with Stone Age for its versatility… talked up in this podcast:

@SirRocket said – Chess, because of it’s endless depth

@VanRyderGames said -gosh I think I would take Arkham Horror. This game isn’t fair though :) I want MORE!

@slaqr said -I’d have to go with my nice Crokinole Board.

@MattWordenGames said -Tigris & Euphrates would go along to the island with me

@wartrader said - Settlers of Catan would be a good choice.

@liquidindian and  @ChrisChuaoo7  said - Cosmic Encounter, because of its variety.

So what would be your choice, hmmmm????