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Posted: June 27, 2010 in game comments, game review

Like westerns? See yourself as a mysterious Clint Eastwood type? Then look no further than a fun card game called BANG! Set in the wild west, spaghetti western style, each player takes on a role such as sheriff, deputy, outlaw or renegade  and a person along with a unique special ability and life points. The rest of the cards provide special weapoms for shooting at greater distances, Bang! cards for shooting, Miss cards, Beer cards for restoring life points, Duel cards, Jail cards and more. The object is to shoot the other players and come out on top before they do. Having said that, you can team up with the other goodies or baddies and when as a team. Or if you are the renegade, you are on your own and need to blast everyone to win. What is particularly cool is that you can bluff your opponents and side with them temporarilly and then zap them later if you can fox them enough. All in all, it makes for a fun experience.

If you like BANG!, here are some of the further expansions to add to the fun (a number of which are obvious tilts of the stetson to Hollywood westerns) -

Bang! A fist full of cards

Bang! High Noon

Bang! Dodge City

Designed by Emiliano Sciarra and published by Abacus

Days of Steam

Posted: June 13, 2010 in game comments, game review

I picked up a copy of Days of Steam at last week’s UK Games Expo 2010. This is a very nice tile laying train game where players build routes between cities, completing circuits and shipping goods to capture victory points. Players need to build up steam to travel as terrain over which tracks are laid can impact how far you can travel in a turn.

This is a simple little game, great for families, which plays fast, is pretty easy to understand and is plain fun. Compared to the Age of Steam brain burners which I won’t even go near for fear my head would explode, this game is just right and let’s you play rather than work at it. This is a good gateway game to the world of train games. High replay value as no 2 games will be the same due to the variety of train layouts which randomly are chosen by the players.

Published by Stratamax games and re-published by Valley Games, designed by Aaron Lauster.

France 1940

Posted: May 31, 2010 in game comments, game review

My old copy of this classic Jim Dunnigan designs came out to play today as I am minded of the Dunkirk commemorations this past weekend. This is still fun to play and the design works in that it clearly illustrates the impossible position the allies put themselves in which made the German invasion of the Low Countries and France an easy thing. Playing the historical scenario, you can see the German build up and push through the empty Ardennes (save for 1 Belgian cavalry unit) and the breakout. Then the race is on to save the remnants of the Allied armies before the panzers sweep them up in the blitzkrieg.

Classic by Avalon Hill and designed by Jim Dunnigan, one of the Fathers of modern wargaming.

Dungeon Twister

Posted: May 31, 2010 in game comments, game review

Dungeon Twister is a cool game where 2 teams of adventurers race through the pathways of a fiendish dungeon created by an evil wizard. Not only do the players need to move their team through the dungeon which has trapsto avoid and items to collect but the rooms can be “twisted” and change their alignment, making it a lot trickier and dangerous to escape. Added to this is the danger posed by the other team! Its a crazy and stressful game and great fun… if… you…… survive…

Published by Asmodee Editions and designed byChristophe Boelinger.

Red November

Posted: May 23, 2010 in game comments, game review

Red November is a cooperative boardgame published by Fantasy Flight and designed by Bruno Faidutti and Jef Gontier for up to 8 players. As a Gnome sailor, you are on the submarine Red November which was probably built in the shoddy Gnomish way and lo and behold all kinds of stuff is going wrong… fires, flooding compartments, threat of missile launch, you name it. You all run around collecting tools to try and stop all the problems before time runs out and the whole thing goes up in a wonderful explosion. On top of this you and your mates are downing the ol grog to cope and the chance of your survival sink as you faint and risk being caugt in a fire or flood. Very chaotic and stressful as during each turn, your activities cost precious minutes which is good and bad. Good in that if you can get through the time and manage to hold on by stopping the dangerous problems, you all win. If not, Bang! Or perhaps you will escape beforehand, hoping to avoid a Kraken and leave your mates to their fate.

Lots of tension and choices. The random elements work treat. Having played it a few times solo, I’m not convinced 8 players will work. 3-4 would be my suggestion as there just isn’t a lot of space to move and you could get trapped and knocked out of the game early.

Love this game!

First published in 1995, this is THE game that pushed board gaming closer into the mainstream and perhaps launched board gaming as a national pastime in Germany where now the annual Spiel Exhibition at Essen sees thousands of Germans pack the halls to play new games!

This multi-award-winning DADDY of games is set in a world where players vie for control of territory and resources to score points and win. The board is set up through randomly placing tiles. Players then build settlements and roads as well as collect resources to convert to upgrade cities and special card benefits. A Robber can impact your ability to collect resources so watch out!

Yes, one irritating aspect is the random impact of dice rolls which can just knock you out of a chance to win but over a number of games it tends to even out. Also, there are rules available that minimize the random impact.

Great fun to play and highly recommended as an intro game for non-gamers.

Designed by Klaus Teuber, published by Mayfair Games

Super Munchkin!!!!

Posted: May 9, 2010 in game comments, game review

Look! Up in the Sky! Its a bird! Its a Plane! No… Its Super Munchkin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this is a zany spin-off of the original Munchkin card game set in the world of Super (or not so Super) heroes. Hilarious fun as you become a Mutant, Techno, Exotic or Mystic and collect all kinds of powers and gadgets to defeat Super Villains. We had a great time playing this game which has huge replay value and is always unpredictable. For 2-6 player although I think 3-4 works best.

Designed by Steve Jackson for Steve Jackson Games

Castle Merchants

Posted: April 18, 2010 in game comments, game review

This is a fun game for 2-4 players who are merchants trying to sell their goods at different castles for the best price. Tiles representing various types of terrain are laid out as the players try to create paths to the castles. The strategy comes in as you work out your own routes and try and block the other players using rock slides and tiles that hopefully don’t match what is in your opponent’s hand. Easy to play and good fun.

Designed by Jerry Dziuba and published by Z-Man Games.

Lost Cities

Posted: April 18, 2010 in game comments, game review

This is a game I bought on ebay recently and I am really glad I did. A very simple card games where you put together coloured sets of treasures and artifacts in numeric order to score points. The theme is thin but it doesn’t matter. The gameplay is fast and simple and throw in the placement of Investment cards as multipliers is cool. Wonderful 2-player game designed by Reiner Knizia and published by Rio Grande games.

Blue vs. Gray

Posted: April 11, 2010 in game comments, game review

As a Civil War buff, I was looking forward to playing this one which I picked up on ebay. Although you use cards, it plays more like a boardgame in which you play out the American Civil War. Cards represent leaders, military units and historical event, people, etc which may have some sort of impact on your strategy. You also use cards to gradually build the map of the USA over which the war was fought so you can use  the transport network to move your armies. The cards are great value alone as there is a lot of history and interesting facts which really give you a sense of the period. However, the rules are badly written so I am working my way through it. Once you figure it out it seems to play reasonably well.

Designed by Evan Jones and published by QED games, later by GMT.