VPG Press Release – No Retreat 3 now available!

Posted: August 10, 2012 in game news

VPG Press Release – No Retreat 3 now available!

The French Front: May-June 1940


No Retreat 3, by designer Carl Paradis, takes you to the French Front. You command the Allied (French and British) or German forces, operating them in accordance to one of several historical plans (represented by Plan cards). You will maneuver forces over hexes that are approximately 30 kilometers across, over turns that represent 4 days of real time each. The vaunted No Retreat series card-assisted game systems are there to create on-map puzzles around each hex, unit and battle as the tense engagements rage back-and-forth and nothing is entirely predictable.

The simulation elements of No Retreat 3, combined with its novel gameplay elements, offer a rich and insightful presentation of this controversial military campaign that shaped the trajectory of World War II.

Click here for all the details and to order No Retreat 3.

- Victory Point Games

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