Press release: new game announcement from White Goblin Games – New board game announcement from White Goblin Games: Richelieu

Posted: May 2, 2012 in game news

Press release: new game announcement from White Goblin Games – New board game announcement from White Goblin Games: Richelieu

Expected to be released early June, previous winner of the ‘Plateau d’or’ contest:
2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – The rich, French history and the history of Cardinal Richelieu who defended the country against his enemies in particular, have been a source of inspiration for board game designers for a long time. Meet game designer Olivier Lamontagne. In his soon to be released, brand new board game which is named after the Cardinal and which will be published by Dutch publisher White Goblin Games in a multilingual edition, the players are nobles who use their tactics and a lot of bluffing to gain wealth and glory: are they going to side with the Cardinal or will they be seduced by the promise of wealth and power from foreign nations?
‘The spark for Richelieu happened in 2008’, says Lamontagne. ‘Me and two other testers were playtesting an early version of the game Québec for the designer Pierre Poissant-Marquis. As usual, random ideas about gaming in general were discussed. At some point, I had the idea of a game where you lose all your points if you pass the zero on the scoring track, instead of receiving some kind of +X marker. Pierre suggested me that this could actually be made into a more serious game. I considered his advice and the idea soon evolved into an interactive pawn on a score track that would hinder the characters with too much prestige. I immediately thought this could only be the unique Cardinal Richelieu.’

Lamontagne started working on the game design and in 2009 with Richelieu he won the prestigious Plateau d’or, a game design competition held by Journées ludique de Québec, and which has also brought forth the earlier mentioned Québec. Lamontagne, about his design: ‘The main idea of the game was intrigues in the court of Louis XIII; every intrigue would oppose Cardinal Richelieu against his enemies. The players would be nobles taking sides in these intrigues, choosing to side with Richelieu or the conspirators, or even helping both. Players control agents with secret value to influence those intrigues. The Cardinal’s mood is influenced by his success or failures, and he would become intolerant against too influential nobles (i.e. the players). Different factions are opposed and it costs money to place agents, but the winning faction gives higher rewards for the players that helped them the most.’

Since then, a lot has changed, improving the game to great satisfaction of both Lamontagne and White Goblin Games. Finally, it’s ready to be released. Richelieu comes in a big box (size 30 x 30 centimeters) and is expected to be in stores early June.



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  1. I am very keen of playing board games and curious to know what new board game will be announced in coming June. I am waiting for it.

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