Kickstarter News 6/9/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…


Kickstarter News 6/9/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…

Let’s see which EU friendly project caught my attention this week…


1750: Britain vs. France

Throughout the 18th century, Britain and France waged a bloody series of wars for nothing short of global domination.  Massive sailing warships, armies of bayonet-clad soldiers, and their skilled allies fought for control of North American, African, and Indian colonies.  In many ways this was the first “world war”.  1750 is a 2-player card-based strategy game, using both dice and cards to fight for control of the board.  One player plays as Britain and the other plays as France, wielding forces to decide the outcome of this struggle.

This looks pretty interesting and is a refreshing change from the usual dross… AND its EU friendly ;)



A Mafia game themed as Orcs? Ok I’ll bite…

The Orcfather is a card game based on a fantasy-themed mafia in which a player’s characters can be Orcs, Elves, Ogres, Undead, Dwarves and more. The players form two mafia families that are confronting one another, and each of the families elects its own “godfather” at the start of the game; the goal of the game is to eliminate the head of the rival family.

Check it out…




News – Mage Company press release for Raid and Trade, OrcFather Kickstarter and 12 Realms Ancestors Legacy and Hoyuk

News – Mage Company press release for Raid and Trade, OrcFather Kickstarter, 12 Realms Ancestors Legacy and Hoyuk

Finally our press new is ready and below you can find all the information and images you need. We hope you can post them online and share our news with your fans. Let us know if you need additional info or anything else you might need.
The 3rd World War was referred, by many, as the last war because of the vastness of destruction that it had caused. Everywhere around the world, mankind suffered great casualties and horror — but a few survivors that had the power and the resources built mighty cities all around the world to gain strength and rule again. The cities that were built each had a unique aspect: They contained golden metallic walls, symbolizing hope. Thus, they were named the Golden Cities. This game takes place five years after the Last War, with the players taking on the role of people vying for citizenship within a Golden City.


Raid and Trade is a negotiation and resource management game for 3-5 players. The player who is able to enter the golden city first wins, and there are three different ways to enter the golden city:

  • Become an expert: Reach 20 skill points.
  • Serve the city: Fulfill three secret quests.
  • Become a nobleman: Get the most possible character points.
You can vote the box and the Minis on Board Game Geek just by checking the gallery of the game. Check it here
In each turn, the players can spend action points to do several actions such as moving through the city, raiding buildings, attacking other players, and more. Each player has a specific skill — mechanic, trader, electrician, bodyguard and medic — and has his own unique items to build; those items can be traded off against other items or resources.
The board of the game is modular so that in every game you have a new map to discover. All over the map, the players find different buildings which they can raid. Each time a player raids a building, a raid card of this type of building is taken and read, which leads to specific circumstances taking place. The player will be made to make various decisions including important moral decisions! Upon resolving the various decisions, you will receive character points. The choices you make, for good or for bad, will lead to specific perks and advantages (or disadvantages) during the progress of the game. When raiding a building, you get resources (tools, scraps, mechanics, electronics, etc.). By combining these resources, you can craft items with special abilities. By doing so, you will advance your skill points.

Every player also gets secret quests of the golden city. To fulfill these quests, the players have to spend the resources mentioned on the card. To fulfill a quest will not only lead the players closer to victory but also give them advantages for the rest of the game. We will demo the game at Essen Spiel, on October at our booth Hall 3 – Booth O103 while we have scheduled the campaign for the Kickstarter on November 3

Currently we launched a new campaign on Kickstarter for a new game called “The Orcfather” a fantasy-themed card game for 2-10 players with basic price at $30 including ship fees for several countries. Check it here:

We will be at Essen Spiel at Hall 3 – Booth 3-O103 along with the team who will demo our games. Here is the diagram of our booth where you can find us:

At this Spiel we will also carry 12 Realms. Any issues from the first printing run has been addressed and the reprint of the game is better than ever with upgraded quality, revised rules, glued minis and more. The game will have a special price at 35 EU but also there will be packs that include small expansion for the basic game.
We will also demo some of the Plots of the 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy. Since we still develop the game, we made sure to create a couple prototypes in order to demo the new adventures among the realms!
Four exciting new realms lie hidden in the Fairy World and you must prepare yourself to explore them so as to defeat all of their enemies. Kievan Empire, Golden Caliphate, Olympia, and Nile Valley are the new lands you will get to explore to learn their secrets. Ruslan, Sinbad, along with the rest of the heroes, will unite to fight against Marid, Sobek, and the rest of the Dark Lords!
Ancestors Legacy provides a much different game through its plots. There are now three different plots for both editions, which include a background story and significantly increase the difficulty level and excitement of the game – increasing the amount of decisions that players will have to make. A plot may have you playing with six realms (combining old and new lands), facing all of the Dark Lords, or creating a really fast game with a unique set-up. Now, more than ever, team camaraderie will be necessary in order to reach victory!
Our new game Höyük will be also available since we finished the production and the game is on the way. The price for the game will be at 35 EU. This version is trlingual: EN-FR-GEImagine yourself some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Your clan has left the ancient nomadic life and settled with four other clans in the valley. The community has repeatedly succeeded in harvesting crops, and some families are getting better at raising animals; next moon will see the birth of a new generation of pups. We all praise our own gods and Mother Goddess for being good to us. This new era has brought something new to us: The area is progressively filling with dwellings, built tight against each other. New generations are building their houses over the remains of old constructions. Our greatest families have now constructions way up over the land, proudly showing off their shrines and wealth to the community. Who knows, when the children of our children will come to the world, which clan will rule this multitude?

In Höyük, each player represents a clan that settles with other clans to erect a village. During the game, a replica of a Neolithic settlement will be built on the Höyük board using tiles that represent houses. Many additional pieces — such as ovens, shrines, and pens — will also aid a player in building his settlements. (“Höyük” is Turkish for hill or mound. The word is also used for prehistoric settlements in the region that have a characteristic, hill-like look from houses being built on top of older houses and the absence of streets between the houses because people entered their homes through the roof.) The goal of the game is to build the best settlement and score the most victory points, with multiple paths to victory and many choices along the way. The best clan will prevail in Höyük!


MAGE Company LTD

Press info: Historical Games Factory – new releases for Essen 2014


Press info: Historical Games Factory – new releases for Essen 2014

Polish publishing company Historical Games Factory is going to make their second appearance at Spiel this year with some new games. They will be available at booth 2-D118 together with the publisher’s earlier releases (W Zakładzie, Theomachie, The Outcast Heroes and Sigismundus Augustus – last copies).

Ark of Animals – a light and quick family game in real time, based on a Biblical theme of saving animals from the flood. Three language versions in the box: Polish, English, German.
First to Fight - a historical strategy game about the struggle of the Polish Armed Forces during World War 2. The players take the roles of commanders sending soldiers to missions against the Axis. Release date: 5th September. Two language versions in the box: Polish and English.
Heroes – the first non-historical game designed by this team, released under a new brand in cooperation with who is also the distributor of this dice/card game. Battles of mages and monsters in a fantasy world. Official Essen premiere. Two separate editions: Polish and English.

Review – Villainous Vikings from Victory Point Games


Review – Villainous Vikings from Victory Point Games

Designed by Jeremy Stoltzfus w/ Graham Weaver

Thanks to Victory Point Games for providing a review copy of this game.

Who doesn’t like Vikings right? And yet, there aren’t a load of notable games out there about Vikings. I wonder why. I mean, the Vikings provide a rich historical flavour as well as the exploration, conquest let alone the mythology. It’s a strange one in board gaming that there isn’t a robust library of awesome games covering this topic.

Well with Villainous Vikings, Victory Point Games have entered the arena so I will tell you what I think about it.

Villainous Vikings is a game for 2-4 players age 13+ that takes about 45 minutes and covers the Vikings at a strategic level with additional elements reflecting the operational raiding and trading aspects as well as the tactical level of battles.

From the rules-
A Viking’s Mission
Your goal in Villainous Vikings is to amass as many Valhalla Points as possible so that after Ragnarök occurs your Captain has the best seat in Valhalla to tell his tales of battle and drink his mead. You will gain Valhalla Points by raiding, trading, and battling the other Captains who are also vying for Odin’s favor.


Here is what comes in the box.
1 Game board with a very nice map depicting Europe and North Africa

13 counters
4 Shield markers 1 Trade Network token
3 Draugr tokens 1 Conquest Legacy token 4 Longship standees


The cardboard is thick and sturdy and the artwork is excellent whilst remaining functional. The board comes in 5 parts which are put together in puzzle fashion. The Longship standees stand out in particular as they give the players a 3D ship to move around the board which looks great.

103 cards
9 Asgard cards – these are special gifts from the Nordic Gods which can come in handy
1 Ragnarök card – this card triggers the end of the game


50 Map cards – these are the locations that the players travel to to attempt their Viking adventures


23 Hero cards – certain locations have Heroes, Mercenaries or Bosses assigned to them

12 Longship Crew Section cards – each player has 3 cards which represent 3 crew sections

8 Viking Captain sheets – each captain has their own set of actions, one of which is guaranteed

The art really stands out for me here. Very thematic, the art really brings out the feeling of the Viking era without being overly cheesy or ultra-authentic. I love the look and feel. The card content is easy to read and clearly laid out. The cards are sturdy and will withstand many plays.

6 dice with stickers
The weak spot in the components if there is one. And this is just about taste. I would have preferred etched dice for the cool factor only. The dice are big and chunky and you have to put stickers on them. The stickers are well done. So the dice are functional and they do the job they are supposed to.


Villainous Vikings is relatively easy to get into. It’s not a complex game and I taught it to a 10 year old who completely grasped the gameplay pretty quickly.

Player Turn
At the beginning of the Current Player’s turn, she may choose to permanently expand the Journey Card Pool by one card if it is not at the maximum of eight cards; the cost of expanding is as follows:
6th Card . . . . . . . . 1 gold
7th Card . . . . . . . . 2 gold
8th Card (Max) . . . . 3 gold

The journey card pool is the game engine and drives the process. Each turn, the players are constantly traveling and looking to conquer, trade or influence, or to replenish crew. The deck mostly has locations which progress in difficulty. Sprinkled into the deck are cards which give you assistance from the Norse Gods.

A starting set of 5 cards are laid out from which to choose from. Each card chosen is replaced with a new card from the deck. A 6th, 7th and 8th card can be bought and added to the available cards displayed.

Each turn, the player takes one of the following actions:
Use a Map card – Raid or Trade – players travel and conduct a Raid or seek to trade. If there is another captain already at the location, a battle between the players might take place
Interact with the Gods via an Asgard card
Regroup in the Northlands to replace crew that have fallen in battle.
Replenish the Journey Card Pool.

The process is easily learned and works very well. There are choice each step of the way and the players don’t always get their own way.

For each Raid, dice are rolled and you will compare attack and defense values to see who wins. If you roll a Hammer, it is usually applied to a captain’s special ability. Each location has its own individual strength and as you proceed through the deck, they become progressively more difficult to overcome, especially as you find locations with Heroes, Mercenaries or Bosses.

A really nice feature is that there is a limit to the number of cards in the deck during a game with plenty of spare cards for future games which means no 2 games will ever be the same. Lots of replay value here.

As an alternative to Raiding, you can opt to trade and this gives you the chance to hire crew and mercenaries and bribe local officials to increase your chances of conquering a location later. There are some really nice touches.

Another nice touch is that the cards have multiple uses including the ability to spend them to aid in a raid or battle for instance and just push you over the top to victory. Trouble is, it’s a trade off as you then lose a card in your hand which might come in handy for victory points.

Ragnarök (game end)
As soon as the Ragnarök card is chosen from the Journey Card Pool, the game ends and the players are summoned to their final showdown in front of Odin the All-Father. Each player has an opportunity to replenish their crew as if trading (two gold per Crew Section to be replenished) before all of the Viking Captains enter a free-for-all Battle against each other. This is very cool. After this you then add up gold and victory points including extra set collection bonuses.

Did I enjoy Villainous Vikings?
For me, a good Viking game has to have the feel of an epic Viking saga along with a sense of the historical. If it’s too silly and reliant upon the myths, I’m not sure it would be as interesting.

Villainous Vikings really gets the balance right. It leans more towards the historical feel which makes it more interesting. You certainly get a feel for the strategic scope of exploration a and raid and trade aspects. The mythology aspect is there but just enough.

This game is easy to play and teach and plays relatively fast but it gives you a nice set of choices. If you just look to raid, you won’t win. You have to pick your battles and also trade effectively or you will be in trouble. There is a push your luck element as you have to ask yourself how far do you risk losing your crew.

Luck plays a reasonable part in the dice rolls and cards but to me this adds to the fun. This is not a simulation or a game for heavy strategists. But you have a nice balance of choices and decisions to make. The dice and cards keep you surprised and having to rethink. This is not a game that allows forward planning. The test is how will you deal with a changing situation.

This game has to be played with 4 players for sure to get the most out of it and guarantee player interaction which is a must in a Viking game.

I would say that Villainous Vikings is a really fun and interesting game which doesn’t lose it’s bite after a number of plays. The design is sound with an emphasis on fun play rather than the detailed minutiae. Combat and trade are nicely abstracted and quick. The pace is good. The tension high as you seek the right combination of conquests to build a strong combat position.

The bottom line? Villainous Vikings is one of my favourite games of 2014 and I highly recommend it if you are interested in the theme and a lightish game with a good balance of luck, choices and player interaction. It would not surprise me at all if this game become one of VPG‘s stronger sellers.

For more information, go to the Victory Point Games website.

News – Darkest Night expansion 3: From the Abyss – VPG PRESS RELEASE


News – Darkest Night expansion 3: From the Abyss – VPG PRESS RELEASE

From the Abyss, the third expansion for Darkest Night, provides the Necromancer with an array of sinister new abilities. It also adds the Channeler, Exorcist, Mesmer, and Valkyrie as new playable heroes, along with new Event and Artifact cards. From the Abyss can be combined with either or both of the previous expansions, or used separately.

Click here for all the details on Darkest Night expansion 3: From the Abyss.



News – Imperial Stars II – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE


News – Imperial Stars II – Victory Point Games PRESS RELEASE

In the far, far future, two empires, remnants of the long lost Terran Homeworld, are brought into conflict over dwindling resources and the last few uncolonized planets in their sector. In the distant past, these two empires were allies against the Titans (see Astra Titanus) and Xeno incursions (see Forlorn: Hope), but with their frontiers colliding and diplomacy failing, it is time for admirals, captains, and crews to carry the fate of empires to the stars and find their destiny.

Veteran game designer Chris Taylor has done it again, putting a “Big 4X Game” experience into a small, cleverly-designed package of space exploration and conquest for two players. With multiple maps hosting the asymmetrical forces of the opposing empires, players will discover that there are many paths to dominating their corner of space!

Click here for all the details on Imperial Stars II.



Kickstarter News 23/8/14 – If I had the cash, I’d look at…



Kickstarter News 23/8/14 – If I had the cash I’d look at…

There was nothing of interest last week but this week we have…






Dead Men Tell No Tales from Minion Games


Now this looks pretty cool and loads of fun I must say. That is, if you like cooperative games like I do.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (DMTNT) is a cooperative game where players take on the role of a Pirate crew, boarding the doomed Skelit’s Revenge for one purpose: to take the loot. You need to deal with the spreading fire and explosion potential as well as the enemies left on the ship. But what’s a little risk for the plunder!

Nothing else really captured my attention this week…


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