Kickstarter update – If I had the cash, I’d probably look into…

So I had another browse on Kickstarter today and as usual, the same old game themes are way over represented (Pirates, Cthuluhu, Fantasy Monster thumping, Zombies… yawn) but here is what actually looks interesting…



Worthington Games‘ game, 1776 looks pretty good to this wargamer’s eyes.

New York 1776 is a Revolutionary War game that allows you to replay the campaign around New York City. Save the revolution or crush it.

We are hoping to fund this project to produce this great game.  The game uses blocks as your military units and leaders.  You get to be George Washington as you maneuver your soldiers around New York during 1776 trying to out maneuver General Howe and his British Regulars, Hessian Mercenaries, and the always powerful British Navy.

The game is designed by Mike Wylie and Grant Wylie who designed the Revolutionary War classic Hold The Line.  Play is within 2 hours.  Comes with game board, blocks,  2 sets of labels, rules, dice, and battle board.

Have a look - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1456271622/new-york-1776?ref=discovery


Seven Swords by GenX Games

A bit of a cheat, as I have a copy of this awesome game based on the Seven Samurai that I picked up at Essen and did a review here -


Seven swords. Seven brave samurai. Will you help the villagers fend off the bandits, or will you command the thieves to rob and punish?

Find the project here -



News – Columbia Games video of Victory in Europe gameplay – Fall of France

Having met their initial funding target, the Columbia Games guys have posted a game turn example (Fall of France) for you.


Onto the stretch goals!

You can find the Kickstarter project here…




British Games news -LOSER – Who Cares Who Wins? Kickstarter Campaign is live

And yet another British company has a project on Kickstarter.

Pants on Fire Games has announced that they have launched their Kickstarter Campaign for LOSER – Who Cares Wins?  

From the KS page – “Loser is the awesomely competitive race game where the sole objective is to ensure that it’s not YOU that ends up being the LOSER.”


You can find the KS page here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1399933906/loser-who-cares-who-wins?ref=discovery


News – The South Shall Rise Again – VPG PRESS RELEASE

From designer John Welch comes your chance to alter the course of a fractured United States, increasingly menaced by Confederate zombie soldiers (“Zebs”), and the dangerous Revenants and Glorious Dead that await you.
Based on the alternate history of author S.M. Cross’ The South Shall Rise, this is a game of tactical combat set during the American Civil War, where those within the Confederacy take a terrible risk to use the dead as reanimated soldiers. With four unique and challenging scenarios to choose from, crawl out of the trenches and rise to glory… or die (again) trying.
Good luck… you’re going to need it!
Click here for all the details and to order The South Shall Rise Again.



News from Sprocket Games – Of Mice And Lemmings live on Kickstarter

Here’s another project from Sprocket Games in the UK that looks like good social fun. Very affordable, delightful art. Definitely worth checking out.



Go to the project here -



VIE map

News from Columbia Games – Victory in Europe now on Kickstarter!

Another awesome game project from Columbia Games is now live on Kickstarter. Victory in Europe looks brilliant and if you are a block war gamer, I would highly recommend that you back this project. Love the video with Tom Dalgleish as Churchill!

Here is the link to the project.



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